• Python

    Try your hands at the current kingpin of programming languages

  • Design

    Learn How things should work, behave when user interacts with them to create everlasting experiance for your users.

  • Linux

    In a world without boundaries, there is no need for Gates and Windows.

  • C

    The mother of the programming world, C, which is now the base camp for almost every programmer

  • Web development

    Learn to Create hard-coded websites with smooth back end support

Course Structure

What we do best

Group Activities

Quiz,compitition,Seminars,team work,error code session etc; You name it we have it

Interactive Classes

We practice hard, play harder and then create better than the best we can.


Regular assignments after class work followed by monitoring and query sessions.

Working Project

Time to try your hands at practical projects. So grit your teeth, tap the keyboard, keep jamming until you scream Eureka!!

Study Material

Finest study materials collected from numerous resources and self-experience, for the students

Online Test Series

Online tests, webinars with a collective and subjective evaluation to mark your progress and appreciate your efforts.



So we start with an introduction to us and to you presenting the plethora of activities, blueprint of our organisation and the do's and don'ts of being a member


Real Work Time

we teach, you learn, we grow. Every course program, starting with the basics session to the advanced ones, will have a mentor to guide you through and monitor your progress in both theory and implementation.



Segregation on the basis of interests and abilities in 3 different domains of Programming, Development and Designing. After riding through the basics, advanced sessions will be conducted.


Get Certified

Oh yes!! For every activity you participate in, for every course you complete, for exemplary progress you make- YOU WILL BE CERTIFIED under the the name of The Geek Hub, UIET, MDU